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July 29 2019

[A ratty door, very likely to a classroom, with white spray paint stencil words that say "If someone wants to leave, let them." on it.]
[Solid black background with large, harsh white letters reading "I don't know the actual meaning of maturity, but for me, maturity is when a person hurts you and you try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back." There is a translucent circle with the letters BAM at the bottom.] I'm trying to decide if I still believe this picture.
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[Light pink background with almost red pink letters in a slightly fancy font that read "darling, you're different." in lower case.] I posted this picture because it reminded me of a character.
[A background that looks like paper with black text that reads "You are worth so much more than your productivity." Under that is a digital drawing of a black and white rose, and under that reads the text "Anti-capitalist love notes".]
[A slightly blue gray background with the camera close to and focused on a navy green sweat shirt that has very tiny white letters on they chest. They read "I'm under construction"]
[NikitaaG_ on Twitter said "Men actually face the most intence societal pressures. They are expected to be financially secure, successful, strong; emotionally, mentally, AND physically. Our fundamental ideology of masculinity is so flawed & males really deserve more credit for what they go through."]
[A very sleepy blonde chihuahua puppy lying in bed like a human, with a white and blue checked blanket drapped over them that has smiling white and blue teddy bears on it. Their head is rested against a bigger teddy bear.]
[A fully white background with a Tumblr anon icon at the top. Black text that reads "my body may be a temple but I am the god to whom it is devoted. do not presume to tell me how to decorate my altar."]

July 13 2019

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June 27 2019

Amen. Not to mention what they can wear, how they express their emotions, what they're allowed to like, watch, listen to, almost everything is scrutinized more than those who were assigned female at birth.

June 26 2019

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June 21 2019

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June 19 2019

[A white background with black text that reads 'Went fishing, caught deer', followed by various photos showing some people going out on a boat to fish, and a group of five deer swimming towards them and hanging out on their boat. The last picture is of one person pushing one deer in a wheelbarrow.]
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I found one of my favorite gifs again. [Gif of two green birds. One is making fast bobbing moves at the other, almost like they're dancing, and their beak is open wide almost like they're smiling. At first the other bird does nothing, but then they start jerking their head back and forth. This quickly escalates to them flailing their entire upper body around very quickly in a punk rock-ish way.]
I want to take the time to mention that I feel like we need to phase out using 'dick' as an insult. It pushes both sex stereotypes and gender stereotypes.
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